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Every Sunday evening my sister and I gathered in front of the TV to watch the Wonderful World of Disney.  It was a ritual that we never missed.  Each time the show came on, Walt Liz StartzDisney showed off the new rides at Disneyland or was showing off the model of Walt Disney World and Epcot.  Every Sunday we asked my mom and dad when we could go to Disneyland and my daddy always said “when we get a good cotton crop”.  You see, my parents were farmers and money was tight and that trip to Disneyland or Disney World never happened for us, but we turned out just fine without it.

As an adult, I still wanted to go to Disneyland…I never forgot and the desire to go was always there.  Then my 8 year old son entered a contest and WON a trip for 4 to Disneyland for a week!  That was in 2003.  I was 43 years old and I don’t know who was more excited…me or my son!  The trip was amazing and we vowed to come back some day.  That day came sooner than expected.  My dad had a massive heart attack and he did recover but his health was so poor…I vowed to take my dad and mom to Disney World and I did just that in 2004. The rest is pretty much history!  We have made many trips to Disneyland and Walt Disney World over the last 11 years…we even joined Disney Vacation Club in 2007.  We have been on 2 great Disney cruises and have tried to stay in every hotel on Disney property.

Since we have been to Disney so many times now, my friends count on me to help them plan trips, and I love doing it.  Mickey World Travel has given me the opportunity to be a certified Disney travel agent and I am so excited by my new job title.  I was an elementary teacher and principal in my past life…and now I help little kids all over capture the magic that is only at WDW and Disneyland.  I love spreading pixie dust wherever I can, and every time I walk down Main Street at one of the Disney parks, I bawl like a baby…I feel like I am home.


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