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 Hi! I’m Jeanne, and you’ve never had a friend like me! That’s because I can help you to have the most magical of vacations! Whether you want to visit one of the Theme Parks, take an amazing Jeanne Bancroft Expedition Everestcruise on one of the Disney Ships, or find your spirit of adventure on an Adventure by Disney vacation, I can help make your wish come true!

My first visit to Walt Disney World was the very first year it was open… and I’ve been back there countless times since. Interested in Disneyland Resort? I’ve been there too! Thinking of sailing away on a Disney Cruise?  I have!  Whether you are a couple looking for a FUN romantic getaway, or a family looking to make MAGICAL memories…. whether you are grandparents ready to ROCK YOUR DISNEY SIDE with your grandkids, or just wanting to take your time and ENJOY the sights, sounds and tastes of all that a Disney vacation has to offer, I can help make those dreams a reality!

Planning any trip to a Disney Destination can seem overwhelming…. unless you have a specialist like me to help you get the most out of your magical vacation!  I’d be honored to help you with planning, booking, reservations and keeping an eye out for promotions that can help you save money along the way!! I’ll make sure that when you arrive at your Disney Destination, everything is ready to go! I’ll give you all my tips and tricks that have helped me have amazing Disney vacations for years and years!

So, for an amazing, stress-free, well-planned, personalized vacation, contact me today!! When it comes to all things Disney, I’ll show you things you never knew you never knew!!

Jeanne Bancroft Epcot Jeanne Bancroft Cinderella Castle
Jeanne Bancroft Expedition Everest Jeanne Bancroft with Olaf
Jeanne Bancroft Hitch Hiking Ghosts Jeanne Bancroft Lighting McQueen
Making memories that last a lifetime…
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