Transportation Updates and Tips for Walt Disney World

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With the reopening of the Walt Disney World Resort, there have been several updates to the transportation services offered. To be sure you have a seamless experience getting to and from the parks, be sure to keep the following tips in mind.

  • Magical Express is still being offered for guests arriving and departing from the Orlando International Airport. However, luggage delivery service has changed, and guests must now retrieve their own luggage from baggage claim. Guests will then need to take their luggage with them as they board Disney’s Magical Express. Once arriving at their Walt Disney World Resort, they can check their luggage with the Bell Stand if needed. Similarly when checking out to return to the airport, guests will not have access to Resort Airline check in services. You will need to carry your luggage onto Disney’s Magical Express bus, and then check in at the Airline counter for your departing flight.
  • Due to physical distancing measures, buses do not allow standing or overcrowding. The bus drivers will exit the bus and seat guests by party. Each party will be assigned a number and asked to sit at their assigned numbers only. If you have a large party, you may be separated. Due to a limited number of seating groups, very few parties are able to board each bus (approximately 6 parties per bus, depending on the bus size). In addition to these measures, Plexiglas barriers have been added between each group’s number. The first buses of the day run approximately 30 minutes prior to park opening. Due to restricted spacing on buses, I recommend being at the bus stop 1 hour prior to park opening.
  • Similarly for the monorail, physical distancing is accomplished by the monorail attendant assigning each party to a numbered lane for boarding. Each party was assigned one bench/side on a monorail car. Another party can be added on the opposite of the car if needed, but no standing is allowed. Barriers have been added between the cars as well so physical distancing can be maintained as well. The resort monorail starts running at 7 am, but will not drop off at Magic Kingdom until 30 minutes prior to park opening. The express monorail and ferry boats will also not start running until 30 minutes prior to park opening. The Epcot monorail is not operational at this time and monorail resort guests will instead use bus service. Again, I recommend being in line for the monorail 1 hour prior to park opening due to reduced capacity on the monorail.

Overall, the transportation wait times were very comparable to past trips, and I would still consider this a great benefit of staying on property at Walt Disney World Resort.

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Jessica Nix

Jessica Nix

Jessica has been planning Disney vacations with Mickey World Travel since 2015, and is an Annual Passholder, Disney Vacation Club Owner and Platinum Castaway Club Member with Disney Cruise Line. When she's not planning a Disney vacation, she's traveling on one with her husband, Brandon, and daughter, Adalyn.

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