How to Join a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance

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By Stephanie Forrester and Marci Moore

It’s the question that every Star Wars fan wants to know, “how can I snag a boarding group for the newest, hottest Galaxy’s Edge experience?” Park goers gather in groups, cell phones in hand, counting down the seconds until their beloved boarding group number becomes their own with a racing heart rate to prove it.

Walt Disney World’s fully immersive, Rise of the Resistance, takes the Star Wars fandom to a new level. This nearly 25-minute experience transports each rider for a moment to a galaxy far, far away.

You may not have to use the force for your mission, if you follow these simple steps:

Most importantly, ensure that each potential rider enters Hollywood Studios at least 30 minutes prior to the park opening time. The first set of boarding groups are available at 10:00 AM.

Upon arrival, make sure to turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi signal under the cell phone settings.

Clear out any previous screens, apps, or tabs on your phone.

Two minutes before the boarding group booking window goes live, open up your My Disney Experience app and scroll down until you see the ‘Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Request Access with Virtual Queue’ button. As soon as the booking window opens, hit ‘JOIN’. The names in your party with valid park tickets will appear on the screen. Don’t hesitate. Click ‘JOIN’ again. Keep pressing the ‘JOIN’ button until your boarding group is displayed.

Multiple guests under the same MDE account can attempt to snag this coveted prize at the same time. However, the system may bump some guests out once a boarding group has been secured for your party.

Typically, these boarding groups are vaporized within seconds of the window’s opening. If the first attempt is unsuccessful, don’t join the dark side, just use these tips to lightspeed your way into the second round of boarding pass distribution at 2:00 PM.

As Yoda would say, “Patience you must have my young Padawan.” That may best describe the characteristic it takes to ensure your own journey on this fantastic attraction.

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Dylan Hayeck

Dylan Hayeck

Dylan is the director of social media and marketing for Mickey World Travel. He has been travelling to a Disney park, since he was three. Dylan has a passion for all things Disney, ranging from the parks, to the movies, the characters, and beyond.

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