Tower of Terror Coffee Cart


Coffee or Hot Tea $3.39

Double Espresso $3.49

Hot Chocolate $3.89

Chai Latte $4.89

Cafe Mocha $5.39

Cappuccino $4.89

Cafe Latte $4.89

Flavored Latte – Mocha, Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, or Irish Cream $5.39

Frozen Drink $5.39

Peach Iced Tea $3.99

Frozen Cappuccino $5.39

Assorted Pastries $3.28

Specialty Cocktails

Shakin Jamaican – signature frozen cappuccino with Kahlua or Baileys topped with whipped cream $8.49

Coffee or Cafe Latte – with your choice of Baileys, Kahlua, or Jameson’s $8.49

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