Lunch & Dinner Menu

Assorted Tempura – shrimp, chicken breast and seasonal vegetables served with Japanese tempura dipping sauce $8.95
Edamame – young soy bean pods, served chilled $4.95
Garden Salad – Mixed greens and seasonal vegetables with your choice of our original ginger dressing or creamy sesame dressing $5.95
Miso Soup – soybean soup with wakame green onion $3.95
Wafu Ribs – sake, soy and ginger braised pork ribs $9.95
California Roll – avocado, cucumber, smelt roe, mayonnaise, seafood mix $8.95
Spicy Sushi Roll – tuna, salmon, cucumber, green onions $9.95
Sushi Sampler – tuna, salmon, shrimp nigiri and 2 pieces of California roll $9.95

All Entrees include seasonal vegetables with noodles and sukiyaki beef rice
Asakusa – steak and shrimp $30.95
Filet Mignon – beef tenderloin steak $31.95
Hotate – Cold Water Sea Scallops $29.95
Kajiki Maguro – swordfish steak $27.95
Nihonbashi – steak and chicken breast $29.95
Tori – fresh chicken breast $24.95
Ueno – chicken breast and shrimp $27.95
Yasai – seasonal vegetables $17.95

For Children Ages 3-9
Meals for 9 and Under include seasonal vegetables with noodles and sukiyaki beef rice
Ebi – large shrimp $13.50
Tori – chicken breast $13.00
Yasai – seasonal vegetables $9.00

Chocolate Ginger Cake – a layered cake with ginger flavored filling and a rich chocolate icing $6.95
Green Tea Cheesecake – a creamy blend of cheese, eggs, & milk with Matcha Green Tea, topped with raspberry sauce $6.95
Soft Serve Ice Cream – vanilla, green tea, or vanilla-green tea swirl $4.95

Coca Cola, Diet Coca Cola, Sprite –
Iced Green Tea, Hot Green Tea, Iced Tea $2.95
Lemonade, Orange Soda –
Low Fat Milk $2.95

Specialty Cocktails
Shochu Cocktails – Japan’s other native alcoholic beverage, created from natural barley and has a clean fresh finish $8.00-$9.50

Bottled Beer $6.00
Draft Beer $5.75-$7.50

Wine – by the bottle $20.00-$58.00 or by the glass $5.75-$9.75
Sake – by the bottle $19.00-$95.00 or by the glass $8.50-$15.00
Sake Sampler – three samples $17.50
Sake Cocktails $9.00

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