Chinese BBQ Pork Buns $4.50
Curry Chicken Pockets $3.99
Pork and Vegetable Egg Rolls $3.99
Lucky Combo – Combination of Pork Bun, Chicken Pocket, an Egg Roll, with your choice of a soft drink and an ice cream $9.98

Strawberry Oolong Tea Slush $4.65
Mango Green Tea Slush $4.65
Iced Tea – Peach Oolong or Mango Green $4.25
Hot Tea – Ginseng Oolong, Jasmine, Dragon Well, Decaffeinated Green Tea $3.19
Bottled Water $2.50
Sodas $1.59

Specialty Cocktails
Mango Gingerita – with Vodka and Rum $7.50
Canto Loopy – with Vodka and Cantaloupe Juice $7.50
Green Tea Plum Slush – with Plum Wine $7.50
Peach Snap! – with Schnapps $7.50

Tsing Tao Beer $6.50
Tsing Tao Pure Draft Beer $6.50

Plum Wine $4.99
Ice Cream
Strawberry Red Bean Ice Cream $3.25
Caramel Ginger Ice Cream $3.25

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