Asian Chicken Sandwich $9.99

Ginger Chicken Salad $9.99

Side Dishes

Assorted Chips $2.99

Frozen Lemonade Cup $3.99


Soft Drinks $2.99

Bottled Water $2.50

Coffee $2.99

Hot Tea $2.99

Hot Cocoa $3.75

Specialty Beverages (non-alcoholic)

Frozen Beverages in a Souvenir Cup – available in Lemonade or Strawberry flavors, served in a souvenir panda cup $9.99

Specialty Cocktails

Yak Attack – Mango Daiquiri, Bacardi Superior Light Rum and Wildberry Flavors $8.99

Frozen Emperor Margarita – made with Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila and also available in Strawberry, Mango, or Wildberry $8.99


Safari Amber $7.00

Shock Top Belgian Wheat Ale $7.00

Kirin Ichiban $7.00

Bud Light $6.50


Beso Del Sol Sangria $7.50

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