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 Hi everyone, let me introduce myself a little.  I am Sarah. I’m a portrait photographer from middle TN who loves Disney. Married to a children’s book illustrator and graphic designer who also loves Disney and I have a tornado toddler who ALSO loves Disney.After helping yet another friend plan a Disney trip I realized… I should become a travel planner specializing in Disney! I love, love, love the detailed, planning-required nature of Disney vacations.

My OCD LOVES that you can book 499 days in advance. I LOVE that you can pick where you are going to eat 180 days in advance. I LOVE that you can pick what you are going to ride when 60 days in advance. Y’all, I love it.

I realize not everyone likes to travel this way and it can be totally overwhelming and that’s why I want to help you! Let me take that stress off your hands, or let me help you manage it!  You can be as hands off or hands on as you want, the best part about all of it is my services are TOTALLY FREE to you.  So tell me- what is your favorite part of planning a Disney vacation or, what about planning one has scared you away from doing it in the past?

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