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               Hello, My name is Jason Ritter and I love Disney! Growing up outside Allentown, Pennsylvania, I can remember my parents saving up for several years when I was young to be able to take their young family of five on our first Disney vacation. It was the first time I could see my father really be able to relax and enjoy himself on a vacation. Later in life I met my wife, and her family had been going to Walt Disney World for years and are members of the Disney Vacation Club.

Working as an Executive Chef for the last 20 years has not provided me with as many opportunities to go to Disney as I would like, due to the nature of my work and few chances to get away. I will tell you that every chance I have had to go to Disney in the last 20 years, I have jumped at it. I have also had the opportunity to plan those family vacations that have included as few as 6 people or as many as 20 people with age ranges from infants to seniors, including folks with disabilities, food allergies and autism, all without missing a beat.

The second act of my life would allow me to take my Disney “hobby” to the next level. I have immersed myself in anything and everything Disney for the last three years. I have never been to Walt Disney World with a group of less than 10 people; large families are my specialty! My friends will consistently reach out and seek my advice for their vacation planning – from how to get the most for your dollar to extravagant vacations, I have had many seek my counsel. As for my family, I never stop planning and  I am always thinking about our next chance to go to Disney. Where we will stay? What we will do? Not to mention, what amazing food we will eat.

I currently reside in Richfield, North Carolina with my wife and two children. I am passionate, well organized, and big on planning. I am thrilled with the opportunity to provide your family with a magic Disney destination experience!

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