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            I grew up loving Disney! My all time favorite character is Mickey Mouse. Whenever I go to Disney, I feel the magic of what is Disney, what it means, what it represents and how it makes all their guests feel like a kid again. Disney is not just for families or for kids. I would recommend adults who have kids, to eventually take a trip to Disney without children, because it is a totally different experience. My wife and I had annual passes even before we had children and we loved it, now we have 2 daughters and go as often as we can. Our children have inherited many things from me, one of them is my love for Disney.

Disney to me is my second home. Disney is one of those experiences and vacations that you have to do more than once. It is not like skydiving where I would recommend doing at least once, which is amazing by the way. Disney, is something you need to experience often, because the parks are ever evolving and coming up with new experiences and attractions that you will not be able to do all in one trip.

It would be my pleasure to assist you in booking your Disney vacation, the best part about my services, is that there is no charge to my clients. Email me at to get started with a no obligation quote. “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing, that is was all started by a mouse.” ~ Walt Disney

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