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          Hi there, my name is Gloria Chandler and I live in the heart of Northeast Georgia nestled in the mountains. Being from the country and living here my entire life, you may think that we don’t know Disney very well. I’m here to tell you that in my case, that is completely false and my love for Disney runs deep.

Growing up, I can remember watching The Little Mermaid multiple times a day trying to memorize all the lines and singing “Part of Your World” in my hairbrush dancing away in my bedroom or trying to learn to play the piano like Marie does in The Aristocats!  The magic that surrounds you just by simply watching a movie is so amazing to me and getting to see it in person is so life-like, that when you arrive and you drive under the Walt Disney World sign you really get a feel that it truly is a place where dreams come true.

I can honestly say that I have one of the most amazing jobs on the planet! My mission is to make your vacation as stress free and fun all while adding a little pixie dust here and there to make it as special as I can. Email me today at for your free quote and let’s get to planning your dream vacation. As always my services are completely free to you. I look forward to talking Disney with you!

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