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 My first visit to a Disney park was in 1977.  I was four years old when my parents took me to Walt Disney World for the first time.  I was hooked immediately. I mean, who wouldn’t be? The wonder of how they make all that magic happen?  The theming, attention to detail, and general awe-inducing entertainment that Disney vacations provide never cease to amaze me.1977 was also the year our family moved from rural Pennsylvania to south Florida.  Because we lived so close to Walt Disney World, I grew up going to Disney parks the same way some families go to the movies or bowling.  Growing up in Florida, you have school field trips to places like EPCOT and the now-defunct water park, River Country.  I remember the openings of EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, then called Disney-MGM Studios.  As a child in Florida, Disney parks are your playgrounds.

Now, I’m a mom of two young girls.  My eldest is four and she also loves Disney. When she met Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater on her third birthday, he told her to make a special birthday wish on the fireworks that night. She wished for a baby sister.  Her wish came true the next year, so you can say she believes in the Disney magic!

My chef husband discovered his love of Disney late in life.  He was skeptical prior to our first trip together when our eldest was two. Now, he is usually the one suggesting our next trip with Disney.  As adults, we can appreciate Disney on a whole other level than just the rides and entertainment: food and beverages!  Disney parks offer so many fabulous culinary experiences. I love to share my favorites and hear about yours!

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