Top 5 Reasons Why You NEED a Travel Agent

One of the most common questions I get asked is “why do I need to use a travel agent for my vacation.”  I myself was one of those people before starting with Mickey World Travel over a year ago.  I had always planned my own trips down to the letter… much so that I drove my husband and family crazy worrying over every tiny detail! My love of traveling, attention to detail, and my desire to help others is what lead me to become a travel agent (TA), and I apply all those principles when planning trips for my clients.

Now, let me back up and say, that not all TA’s are created equal. Just like any other service professional you are interested in using, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  Ask for references, read reviews, look at their social media pages, and talk with the TA and see if they are a good fit for you and your family.  It is important that they understand your family and what is important to you.  A good TA will take the time to get to know your travel style and apply that knowledge to your vacation.  In saying all of those things, here are my top 5 reasons why you need a travel agent.Mickey Mouse in front of Cinderella Castle_


This is the biggest reason why you should use a travel agent! I specialize in Disney vacations because I have personally visited a Disney destination more times than I can count, and I apply that knowledge and experience to all the vacations I plan. From selecting dining reservations and fast passes, to choosing the perfect resort for each family, I guide and plan each of my clients based on actual experiences and not just from articles and pictures.


Your time is valuable, and planning a vacation takes hours of research.  Why not let a professional spend their time doing the research and planning, with your personal needs in mind?


Travel agents have the latest information on deals and available promotions and know how to make sure you get them!  With Disney, when promotions are released, I spend countless hours applying those promotions for my clients, without them having to do anything! These savings can be hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the package. If you are not using a TA, you would have to call to get these promotions, because they are not automatically applied. If you don’t know about the promotions, you do not get them!


Using a Mickey World Travel agent costs you nothing, and we do all the work! Who doesn’t like getting something for FREE??  One of the biggest misconceptions of using a Travel Agent is you Caslte with little girl on MWT blog 4-11-16lose control of your reservation.  That’s not the case, we take care of as much or as little of the planning as our clients want including getting those difficult dinning reservations, fast pass booking, special event tickets, custom itineraries, and much,  much more.


Let’s be realistic, as much as you want everything to be perfect for your vacation, something could go wrong.  You can miss your flight or it could be delayed or other unforeseen issues, and your TA is there to step in and help remedy the issue. After all, they work for you and want to make your vacation a positive experience so you will use them again!

These are just a few of the benefits of using a travel agent, and I hope you will consider using a travel agent like myself in the future.

To book your Disney vacation with Jessica Nix: call her 7 days a week at 615-691-1271

Remember our concierge service is free to you, no hidden costs, we do the planning, you have the fun.


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